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Personalized High-Quality Stamped Aluminum Boundary Markers
Features and BenefitsThe Treemark Company is a second generation, family-owned business that was founded in 1988.  Previously known as Trèmark, our company manufactures and distributes only one product - high-quality, permanent property boundary markers.

Treemark permanent boundary markers are all-aluminum discs that are .019” thick. They have a 4” diameter and a baked on white enamel finish. Heavily pigmented paints fade; our bright white Treemark discs will never fade.

Treemark permanent boundary markers are not dependent on paint because all lettering is machined into the aluminum.

When subjected to heat exceeding 1400°F, the temperature of a forest fire at chest height, the paint powdered, but the marker itself was unaffected.  The stamped personalization remains legible.

Treemark permanent boundary markers are attached with aluminum nails (included) to boundary trees or wooden fence posts, or wired to a metal fence post, to clearly and effectively mark the boundaries of your property.  Aluminum nails will not rust and reduce the cost of broken saw blades.

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